2015, where did you go?

View More: http://katelynjames.pass.us/steve-and-sam-wedding Tomorrow is October 1st. Seriously? Is it just me or is anyone else a bit surprised to see October greeting us already? My last post here was in December. This year I vowed to make 2015 a year of organization, great (and timely) blog posts, and so many other things I honestly can’t even remember. *blush*

That should say a lot about about how far I got on those goals.

But then 86 weddings, 5 wedding shows, 2 styled shoots and a really big move happened.

So as we near the end of a really crazy year- I have a few thoughts I’d like to share.

Business is growing, booming, great. As a small business owner EVERYTHING revolves around the company. The business is our lives. So I’d always prefer to have too much business that not enough. (And my children’s tummies agree) But it teaches you a lot. We are a small operation compared to “the big guys”. We’re a family business- through and through. So nearly 100 weddings with nothing short of perfection on the cards each and every week is an insanely stressful and demanding position. We love it, we’re grateful for it, but some days I sit outside and pause to listen to the flowing water of the creek, watch a sweet bird sing a song to his friends, and take in the moment as a breeze blows through the trees and I can’t help but think–

I’m tired.

I’m too busy.

I’m missing the slow things of this beautiful life.

Most people will agree, balance is key. But balance is difficult! I love business and I love the process of starting new companies and ventures. With a schedule as full as ours has been for the past couple years that’s something that just hasn’t been an option. With 3 kiddos to homeschool, more times than I’d like to admit they have to take the back seat because there’s inevitably a wedding related emergency that must take priority. My house is always a disaster and there are always too many buckets of stinky flower water hidden somewhere that will never seem to be Instagram-worthy.

But that’s ok. That’s life. That’s truthful. And that’s how we learn.

This Lily Bee’s company was never made to be what it is today, what it’s grown into is a HUGE blessing! And the couples and vendors we have had the pleasure to work with are priceless. Really- it’s an amazing ride!

But next year has to change a bit. Not a ton, just a bit.

I am insanely passionate about healthy, organic living. Education about our food industries and the amount of chemicals unknowingly filling our bodies from what we eat, to toiletries, plastics and more.

We’ve moved just outside of Asheville, NC to 8 acres of amazing land. We want a homestead- we need time to tend to our gardens, to grow organic high quality flowers, and to tend to livestock.

Homeschool should never get pushed to the back burner. Education is a 24/7 experience, but that dedicated time in the morning with my babies is sacred. I should not compromise that.

My husband would LOVE to not lose me to the computer as much as he does! I admit that proposal writing is one of my hardest tasks that I just can’t quite turn on to auto-pilot, but to actually have a wife to be with and tend to him (as he is ALWAYS by my side tending to me) would be a drastic improvement. I know honey, I do.

Me- I want to take time each day to mediate, to soak in the sun, to listen to the breeze. I need that. Deep down in my soul, I need that refreshment.

So- what does all my rambling mean? Not much on the outside I guess. We still have a calendar filling with amazing weddings that I cannot wait to work on! Seriously– we have some pretty stuff in the works and some of the sweetest couples to partner with! It’s more about fine tuning our company. Who Lily Bee’s is and what it does. What all we take on and where we’ll be setting our bar of quality and service in the future. We have a few surprises up our sleeves for 2016 and I cannot wait to reveal them all! 🙂 Stay tuned, it’s going to be pretty exciting!


P.S.- I’ll be collecting pictures from the pros of this year’s weddings and updating as they come. Hope to see a new post before August 2016. 😉

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