December 14, 2014 – Sabrina + Dan

This event was THE event of the year for our family. Our best friends, and more importantly our family, FINALLY got the ceremony they’d been waiting for! ♥ My bestie, Sabrina, met Dan many, many years ago when they were young little things starting their Army careers. A courthouse wedding in Texas took place in January 2005 and Sabrina and I have talked about the vow renewal ceremony with family and friends that she wanted for years and years. It finally happened! 😀

We were so excited to join them outside of Jacksonville, Florida on a much-warmer-than-NC December afternoon to celebrate them. Their story. The deployments. The returns. The moves. The good times. The bad. The love that these two share, their two beautiful kiddos, and the marriage that grows stronger with every year.

Some of you know this already, but if it wasn’t for these two Lily Bee’s wouldn’t exist. The merging of our two families, referred to as ‘Hallcia’ – Hall + Garcia, and the support from these two as we began and grew our business is more monumental than I could ever convey. Sabrina for years has been my helper in more ways than I could count. Flowers, office, general support, bootcamp style “encouragement” — she’s my man! That also meant that when it came to for HER event, she was VERY hands on! 😛 Flowers, set up, design, it was all her!

Enjoy the pics– Sabrina & Dan, we love you both SO much and are so beyond happy to have you in our lives! We may not have been there in Texas– but being there for this renewal will forever be a memory we treasure! xoxoxo ♥

vendor shout out:

♥ coordinating + florals, Lily Bee’s Events

♥ photography, Bonita Buckley Photography

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