Always growing…

I usually roll out a new website every year, this year the changes are coming a little early! 🙂

The crazy thing is that we usually don’t even end up with pictures from the majority of the weddings we do (important mention- our #bouquetsneakpeek on Instagram captures much more!) so much that we do is never publicly shown. But- with a focus on this blog and the expansion of the Lily Bee’s Market- the new website couldn’t wait!

Take a minute to pop on over to the new + improved Lily Bee’s Events website! 😀

webLearn more about our wedding services, florals, coordinating and event decor! A MUCH needed photo library of our available rentals will be added as soon as our wedding schedule allows! 😉 A cleaner and easier link up to all our social platforms- and the most exciting part (to me) of all– the Lily Bee’s Market!!!

Preparing for 2016, we are opening our own market! Our family for the past few years has been educating ourselves more and more on the raw power of organics, going chemical & plastic free, herbalism and more. While my herbalist certification is taking a tad longer thanks to a bit of a busy schedule (to put it mildly- ha!) we’ve been slowly and steadily replacing our store bought items full of nasty chemicals with pure, natural products.

No surprise- but they work a million times better too! Our hair is silky smooth and grows so fast- and we wash it a couple times a week. (If you’ve seen me & my two girls- you know we have some hair!) Our teeth are mineralized, no longer sensitive, and a healthy white. My absolute fave body wash– I ran out the other day and used a pricey Aveeno bodywash, OMG. It doesn’t even compare! My skin is so silky and moisturized, I only use lotion to add a little moisture to my hands (florals will destroy a set of hands real quick!) and a little extra on my feet. That’s it. My soap keeps my skin in amazing shape! And my facewash– I suffered some acne in high school and thought after graduation it would go away. While it’s rarely super bad- there always seems to be a blemish somewhere! With a healthier diet of organics and a goal to eat 51% raw, fresh plant based foods, and my miracle cleanser– clear skin. All the time! Blackheads I’ve had for years, disappearing.

Seriously guys, I feel SO passionate about this whole venture! The difference it has made to me and my family, the list of chemicals we are NO LONGER consuming through our skin- PRICELESS! The ability to share that with others is really important to us– updates to the Market, indepth information featured here on the blog and even more products will be added in the coming months. YAY!

In all of that and the shiny excitement of a fresh new blog- I thought it would be fun to share some screenshots of our website and logos through the years! Crazy to see how much this lil’ company has grown and evolved. Enjoy our #throwbackthursday! 🙂

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