5 wedding weekend.

I remember the first time in Key West that we had 2 weddings in one weekend- and even 2 in one day. How busy and crazy that felt! Now we roll out 4, 5, 8 wedding weekend’s like it’s the norm. To have just 1 wedding in a whole weekend is like a vacation these days! 😀

But the life that 5-wedding-weekend’s produces is not quite that gorgeous bouquet life that Instagram shows everyone. While I was on day 3 of 12+ hours per day of design in my dungeon- I thought it would be fun to walk around and show what a crazy little world we live in- behind the Instagram filter. 😉 I love the success our company has found, the amazing couples and vendors we work with, and the product we design– but to look thru our website, our Instagram, our portfolio of what is marketable and desirable and then to walk through our home, design space, our property and see the back end without any proper lighting, without clearing the uglies that don’t prove to be ‘photo worthy’ and the raw area that is our family, our business, our life. Now that’s a different story.

And it’s really interesting that any time I drop the veil that shows only the perfect, pretty, flower filled view- I end up finding more and more people, vendors, families that go ‘Yes! Us too!’ Somehow we’re almost shamed from showing the raw truth to it. I would LOVE to say my home and design studio look just like the photo shoot images Hey Gorgeous Events shared of her space. I would love for the pictures I share of our home after I’ve cleaned like mad, locked my kids in a room, and placed everything just so to be how it is 24/7. But it’s not.

So– I am Heidi. I am a wife, a momma of 3 kiddos (2, 5 next week and 11), a homeschooler, a wedding florist and planner/coordinator, a homesteading wannabe that shares our home with not only our family and a crazy packed business, but with the care of my 72 year old mother in law and my 24 year old brother that gets sucked into working on a lot more than I think he ever bargained for. 😉 Oh- 2 dogs, 2 cats and 8 acres of chaos! My home is neglected 6-7 days out of the week, I do computer work from the couch while I try to snuggle kiddos, we’re always behind on school work, there’s always something to be mowed or cleared, making meals is always a disaster that calls for 3 last minute trips to a store, I rarely have makeup on (I aim to slap some mascara on once a day at least), my hair’s never brushed and usually tied in a bun atop my head, my ‘wind down’ time is working until midnight + with a glass of wine or champagne and a pint of Ben + Jerry’s. We love what we do, we love to play fancy wedding each weekend- and then come home to our hillside chaos. ♥

What a 5-wedding-weekend looks like from behind the screen…

(hover over or click for descriptions)

Not everything has to look perfect to be perfect. I will get thru the final design today, two days packed of traveling, set ups, meetings, pick ups, and then take our precious Monday to clean up, regroup and enjoy this amazing ride. Tuesday- we’ll talk then! My house may be a mess, but what we make in here is beautiful! ♥ (flowers and family)


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