2016 ♥

I think it’s safe to say that we’re officially in the new year, although I’ve been working on 2016 weddings for so long now that filling it in when I write today’s date doesn’t seem that weird. We’ve seen just a few snow flurries here outside of Asheville, NC, my hubby and I celebrated 15 years as a couple, and I’ve been thinking of sharing some goals- business and personal, on the mighty interweb. Maybe it’ll keep me somewhat accountable? You know, to the 5 people that read this. 😉

  • Goodbye Facebook. Yep. Stop draining my life and keeping me distracted from my children, husband, the living stuff around me. Grandparents- don’t worry. I plan to hop on once a month and upload pictures! The business page will be updated with such on a needed basis too, but really- do many business see much from Facebook like we did 5 or so years ago?
  • Homeschool moves up in the priority spot. We have been kicking educational booty since the 1st. School 7 days a week to catch us up, kids are KILLING it! No work before lunch. No emails, no calls, nothing. We wake up, we spend time together, we learn. After sharing a lunch at the table as a family, the kiddos can take off to do whatever silly things they do and I can tackle work. Priority.
  • Wedding count. I’m watching you. We did 100 weddings this past year, and just short of that the year before. While we are BEYOND blessed and grateful for the love and support of this lil’ biz– that’s a lot of weddings folks. We have some AMAZING partnership venues we’re devoted to, some of the sweetest couples on the books already, and we have a handful of dates left open. I hate to tell anyone no and not be able to help, and then we get really busy. Then before I know it I’m working 300 hour workdays. Being a workaholic– my clients totally score! But, my family suffers. I can’t be that person.
  • Get out! This year we have a wedding in California and a wedding in Florida. We’ll take some time off to be with family and friends when we go back home to So Cal, and some time for a very special birthday trip with Lily Bee in Florida. We’re always SO busy with weddings we never pause to enjoy anything but a successful wedding. We’ve got at least 2 we’ll do better with this year. 😉 I’ll take it.
  • The Lily Bee’s Market– it’s happening. Working on final products, marketing, and more. So excited to be working on something that I truly feel passionate about. Even if it never goes anywhere, it’s something that makes me feel like it actually makes a difference.
  • I love baking from scratch, I love cooking great dinners, I even love cleaning my house. I’ve been doing all of those things, every day. And it makes me a happy momma. More of that this year. 🙂
  • Self. Sustainable. More of that, I’ve been working room by room to clear out the nasty chemicals, the plastic, the crap we don’t need. We’re working to replace it with things we can produce ourselves and reuse. The amount of seeds I have ready to be planted– cannot wait! All steps toward to our big picture.
  • Positivity and Kindness. Because really guys, what’s the point of responding to anything in any other way? It’s our house motto this year- all things in kindness. No negativity, no unkind words. The day is what YOU make of it- make it amazing! ♥

There you go, my $0.02 for 2016. Can’t wait to look back a year from now and see where we’re headed!



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