Well, off we go again!

For any of you that have known us for any length of time… this probably won’t be a huge surprise. But lately something, something deep down in my soul has felt “off”. Like a pebble in your shoe- not a major ordeal, but you feel it with every step.

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Truthfully? Something was off. Not on the outside- we had packed schedules (any small business owners DREAM), our kids are healthy, we balance in homeschool with plenty of play time, have an amazing home on a gorgeous chunk of North Carolina land, drive a nice car, and enjoy fancy food and champagne. But our souls felt defeated.

 How could that be?! We left our 9-5’s, we do things on OUR terms, I don’t even know how to work an alarm clock anymore?! We were a little, well, a lot lost. So after sitting in my pj’s for more days than one should admit, and pouting on the couch while binging on Netflix… we prayed. We searched. We spent time meditating in the silence waiting for clarity. We prayed more. We read the Bible and studied… and studied. Cried. Laughed. PRAYED. And this is where we landed…

 We’re not you’re average citizen. We’re not ok with a lot of things. The future of the world scares me sometimes, we are anti big pharma & food, we believe very much in God’s creation and love growing our relationship with Jesus. We also believe that in doing so, being good shepherds of Mother Nature and truly loving thy neighbor as thyself (regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, income, housing status, seat at the cool kids table of the wedding industry…) really are some of THE most important things we should be worried about each and every single day. How does this apply to our business (aka- why are you sitting here reading this mess 😉) – we’re small business. Our business and our lives are one in the same.

When we started this business in 2011 it was because we (my husband, Brandon and I) had been feeling God calling us on a path. A path that was very different from the one we were on. It meant getting rid of all most all of our possessions and moving to Key West to start a business even though we’d never been to Florida before. But we did. And most all of our family and friends thought we were insane. Some told us, not so kindly, and others smiled to our faces and I’m pretty sure made crazy faces behind our backs. I don’t blame them—it was nuts! But we did it. And it drew us closer as a married couple, as a family, as followers of Jesus, as human beings.

 So here we sit, 5 years into this crazy path, and where are we? Even crazier from the norm than we were before! We are those love all, tree huggin’ hippies. Libertarian, organic eating, soap making, anti-bottle water preachin’, anti plastic, self-sustainable goaled, green smoothie drinking, wrapping plants around our scrapes and bruises, and looking to refine our path and realign our lives with where we believe we’re being led. (I promise we still bathe and know how to use a razor.)

 We’re being led to serve in Hawaii. Oh, “real original” I hear you saying. “Of course you ‘feel led’ to Hawaii! Who doesn’t ‘feel led’ to live in Hawaii?! It’s paradise!” Believe it or not, but Hawaii is where we were seriously considering before we choose to start Lily Bee’s in Key West. It just wasn’t right then, we weren’t ready. Sure- it’s gorgeous, there’s beaches, it’s the dream vacation. But that’s not even on our radar of reasoning. This truly is a ‘God thing’ of where we feel called at this stage in our lives.

 We have bases assembled in O’ahu and Big Island ready to service wedding’s across the islands! We will still be rocking AMAZING weddings in North Carolina! (even a Florida wedding coming up in 2016!) This is a starting point on the narrow path we face. Maybe some of this will change one day, but that’s ok! For today, we are here! We will have some travel time coming up- WIFI on the plane means I won’t have any excuse for tacking my inbox and computer work! 😉

 SO – in reading this novel, if you’re in need of wedding services in North Carolina OR Hawaii and would like to work with a family business that honest to God cherishes each and EVERY couple they work with, hustles when we need to hustle, laughs & plays in every other moment, loves designing remarkable details to accompany super special events, will happily share my homemade dog food recipe with you, and is thankful in every moment that we have been allowed to have this path where the money we do earn allows us not only individual fulfillment/success but the ability to raise our children in this way and pay it back to as many people as we possibly can in the time we are given—then give us a call! Shoot over an email- let’s connect and start planning some amazingness! ❤  Life to the fullest- whatever you want to do, DO IT! There really are only so many tomorrow’s!

Lot’s of love and organically grown/shopping local/peace & tree hugging juju,

Brandon, Heidi & Team Lily Bee’s* 🐝

 *Team Lily Bee’s = husband, wife, three kids, two brother’s, grandparent’s, friends that are family, 2 dogs, 1 really cool cat, an army of supporters!

2 thoughts on “Well, off we go again!

  1. I love and am always so inspired by your faith, family and fearlessness. I know you will be successful and look forward to hearing and seeing what is next for your tribe!

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