Attention: Now entering your 30’s!

img_20161211_215701This past Saturday not only did we have a HUGE and crazy beautiful wedding at my new FAVE venue (SO amazing- Moretz Mills – you’ll want to check it out! And THANK YOU to my Mom for all her help!) but, I also turned 30. The big ol’ 3-0. I think it’s definitely worth a moment to pause.

30 years. In 30 years of life I feel like I’ve covered so much, yet I know that it’s just a small blip in my lifetime too. I’ve been a daughter, a sister, a niece, a granddaughter. I was a teen mom, married at 17, got our first apartment and learned how to be a mom/wife/employee/housekeeper/cook/college student all in one. Man, thinking back on those times brings so much laughter and fun memories. I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing- but man did we work it out and learn along the way. Oh that apartment… movie posters on all the walls and cheap Big Lots candle holders everywhere. 😂 Fun times- haha!


We knew we needed to leave our ‘one horse town’ and push forward to bigger and better– so off to North Carolina from Southern Cali we went.We got our first real house, lost it (and all our stuff) in a flood, rebuilt all over again. We got the jobs and started climbing the corporate ladder. I became a momma again, I left that business world and became a business owner while leaving everything behind and starting over in Key West, FL/Savannah, GA. Became a momma for the 3rd time… and really went head strong into this business growing by leaps and bounds.

Not only did this December mark 30 years for me, but it’s also 5 years for Lily Bee’s. When we first started this I made a list on my phone- my goals to accomplish with Lily Bee’s in 5 years time. It’s amazing to see from where we started from, and in 5 years not only did we hit all those goals- but we blew them out of the water! I’m almost nervous to even make some big goals to hit over the next 5! 🙏

img_20161210_095942I’m so excited to be 30, good riddance 20’s! I’m looking forward to my amazing husband and the marriage that we have built against all odds. I’m looking forward to my children getting older (as much as I miss my teeny babies) and all the adventures we have with these amazing humans. I’m looking forward to learning and getting a handle on my awareness and balance of work vs life. I’m looking forward to buying a little lot of land tucked away and creating our home. (We’ve lived in 16 different homes in a dozen years… having our OWN home that we can fix up our own way is HUGE for us!) I’m looking forward to continuing my education of natural health and moving toward a more self sufficient style of living. I’m looking forward to what the next 30 years is going to bring!

Thanks to all my wonderful friends, family, fellow vendors, past/present & future brides for all the birthday wishes! It really means a lot! 😘😘😘

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